Jean-Pierre Feral
CitiMoniCor: Citizen Science for the Monitoring of Coralligenous reefs in anthropized areas
Marine ecosystems monitoring is essential for a sustainable management of coastal areas, in compliance with the national and international legislation. This is even more important in anthropized areas affected by changes in costal uses and management policies, to assess whether and how those changes impact underwater marine habitats. CitiMoniCor aims to analyse the potential of Citizen Science (CS) and human seascape perception in the assessment of coralligenous reefs health state. Mediterranean endemic bioherms built by calcifying Rhodophytes under dim-light conditions, coralligenous reefs are the favourite seascapes of SCUBA divers. Specifically, the project will focus on: 1) the formulation of simplified tools (indicators/indices) for the assessment of the environmental status of coralligenous reefs, based on CS data obtained thanks to the CIGESMED for divers (http://cs.cigesmed.eu) observation protocol; 2) the investigation of the correspondence between seascape quality perception by non-scientific divers and the experts assessment of the ecological quality of coralligenous reefs.
With this project we aim to develop the knowledge and the tools necessary for the implementation of a coralligenous focused monitoring network, through the direct involvement of recreational divers (citizen scientists) and local stakeholders.
Projet Post-Doctoral
OHM(s) concerné(s)
  • Littoral Méditerranéen
Écologie, Océanographie


DR émérite CNRS
Responsable thématique Aide à la gestion de la biodiversité et des espaces naturels, UMR 7263-IMBE

- PhD (océanographie) 1977 – Station Biologique de Roscoff, Paris VI
- Thèse d'Etat (écophysiologie) 1985, MNHN & Paris VI
- 1978-1979 Enseignement Biologie Cellulaire, Paris XIII, CHU Créteil
- 1979-1989 CR CNRS, MNHN, Paris
- 1989-1990 CR CNRS, Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls OOB)
- 1990-2003 DR, OOB
- 2004-2011: Directeur UMR DIMAR, Diversité, évolution et écologie fonctionnelle marine, Marseille
- 2011-2012: DR CNRS, Institut Méditerranéen de Biodiversité et d'Ecologie marine et continentale, IMBE, UMR 7263, Marseille.
- 2013-2018 DR émérite, UMR 7263

Recherche actuelle
Origine, maintien et érosion de la biodiversité en fonction de l'environnement et des capacités de dispersion des organismes, dans des écosystèmes marins continus et insulaires (Méditerranée, Atlantique, Océan Austral)

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